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100 Million+


When we say essential spices it equates to frequent and common usage across a variety of dishes. These spices form the essence of every kitchen, Indian or Global in different forms. Our range of domestic essential spices are aptly suited for our demography and are prepared using ingredients sourced from the best in their class which in turn ensures unparalleled taste, magical aroma and superior color is maintained across all your preparations.

Chilli Powder
Turmeric Powder
Coriander Powder
Coriander-Cumin Powder
Cumin Powder


A perfect balance of
color & great taste

In the Indian subcontinent, It is said that the color of the Red Chilli powder (Laal Mirch Masala), determines its spiciness and ability to create the magic when it comes to cooking. The watchful eyes of the homemaker identifies this balance with her bare eyes. When it comes to Ramdev’s Red Chilli Powder, it has already been identified for unmatched color and taste by countless homemakers.


A perfect balance of
color & great taste

Do you remember your grandmother’s order to have Haldi- Doodh when you fell ill? Such is the deep rooted existence of Turmeric, also known as Haldi in our society and lives. Haldi powder has been ever present in our kitchen since time may know better and it is the sheer goodness of Haldi that we strive to deliver. Ramdev’s Turmeric is Haldi at its purest and best. From procurement to packaged powder – we ensure the best Haldi Powder delivered


The spice of goodness
& delight

Loved for their natural fragrance, farm-fresh coriander seeds add extra taste and flavor to many Indian dishes. Ramdev Coriander Powder is manufactured from some of the best picked full-bodied, green whole Coriander from select Indian farms.  Fresh dhaniya seeds are used to make our dhaniya powder.

Ramdev Coriander Powder is well accepted amongst homemakers and is known for its quality and the results that it brings out in meeting daily cooking needs.

Ramdev Coriander Powder

& Cumin

Perfect Color, Aroma & Taste!

Coriander-Cumin Powder, as the name suggests, is a well balanced mixture of coriander and cumin powder.  Ramdev’s Coriander-Cumin Powder is known for its great flavour and aroma apart from being looked upon as a kitchen alchemist in enhancing the flavour of any bland dish. It is a staple spice mix used in many curries and gravies for its mild soulful flavour.

A must have for every Indian Kitchen


Magical Flavour & Taste!

Cumin is one of the most demanded in Indian Spices, especially when it comes to
North Indian cuisines. Meant to add magical flavours to your curries, Ramdev’s
Cumin Powder specially prepared using the best Cumin seeds ground to a perfect powder boasting of the right consistency and texture. And let’s not forget all the added health benefits that cumin brings along with it on the table

Curcumin Enriched Turmeric

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